As a holistic company, we understand that true health is multi-faceted. It encompasses physical, environmental, mental and emotional well being.

Anankha K. Chandler

I was introduced to natural health, and with diligent study and training I achieved a complete recovery. Currently I have been symptom and medication free for more than 32 years. I take tremendous pride in both my own personal achievements and in keeping my promise, its an enormous honor to be of service to others. I established 'The Reference Point' as a vehicle to help individuals everywhere live the lives they want to lead.

Founder of    The Reference Point Fremont, CA.

Founder of    Heart Of Boise Farm & Health LLC Boise, ID.

Author of the Audio-Series    Therapist In A Box

Personal Coaching

When Anankha works with you as your Life-Coach, you will be getting advise from a very talented and Psychic Intuitive, that has not only learned academically how to work with different emotional states, but has been the patient and knows the route out from the inside! Through her own personal journey she has been symptom and medication free for over thirty years.

Each coaching session lasts about 60 minutes, and during these appointments you explore the areas of your life where you’re not having the results you want. Utilizing a variety of techniques, Anankha will help you uncover your own personal map to success.

Our   Product   Line

Topical Oral Vibrational
Body Soap Vitamin Supplements Burned Water
Shampoo Herbs PolarMins
Hand Cleanser Cleanses ZYTO Testing
Ache Ointment Remedies QRA
Moisturizing Lotion for Parasites Frequency Matching
Body Spray for Digestion Homeopathy

Listen to Samples

    Therapist In A Box     by Anankha Chandler.

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